Sunday, August 22, 2010

Make Your Knitting Seams Professional with The Mattress Stitch

A great Article for Knitters that I wrote. When you are knitting for adults or babies you do all the same things. And baby knitting patterns are exceptionally wonderful because everything is miniature and quick to complete.  Hope you enjoy my article. Here is one of the videos that helps you learn about the mattress stitch.

Knitting is an art. Not just a craft or a hobby, but an art. You can make beautiful designs and even develop your own patterns. Once you understand the basics of knitting and you find stitches that really work for you, you can just go crazy with designing. But there is a lot to know about knitting. The finer points and techniques that make a good knitting experience into a great one!

Knitting is an art

This article is about knit seaming. You have to put things together after you have knit the pieces.  You will learn how to piece them together seamlessly and effortlessly. Once you get the han... From: Knitting Patterns Often Call for Seams, Make Yours Professional with the Mattress Stitch (Video)